Welcome  Costumes La Dame d’Atours  In the past, the Lady-in-waiting was in charge of the Queen's clothing, picking different clothes according to the occasion. Nowadays, Nathalie Harran, creative craftsman and historian brings ancient fashions back to life. From the Antiquity to the Roaring Twenties, antique clothes are recreated with a constant care of genuineness. History lovers, collectors and stage actors: prepare to rediscover the past thanks to the magic of a fragile and meaningful object, regarded as frivolous but yet essential : the costume. Although still under construction, our website will be completed very soon. We invite you to check our regular additions. Notice: all pictures are La Dame d'Atours's property. Any use without written consent is strictly forbidden. Last update : 17 09 2012      Creation - Sale - Rental - Restoration - Exhibitions